Sunday, 10 December 2017

On a boat cruise with my sweetheart #boatcruise

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

@Regranned from @hcccng - *ARE YOU READY FOR 2018? LETS IGNITE IT TOGETHER*. *Where there is no gardener, there is no garden*. If you leave the garden of your life untended, it will naturally grow weed. There is no such thing as an automatic garden; you cannot just toss out a few seeds, do nothing and come back to meet a beautiful garden. No way! Every beautiful garden has been cultivated by a gardener. 2018 is around the corner and most people are clueless about it. Usually, the coming of a new year comes with mixed emotions but whoever that will experience an amazing year must take deliberate steps in planning for it now. Great organizations and corporations do plan for the new year, they spend hours, days and even months to align their goals with their mission. They develop budget, identify what needs to be done and then assign roles to individuals that will carry them out. Don’t you think your life needs serious attention and tending like these great organizations? Here is my invitation for you to join IGNITE 2018; A weekend WhatsApp master class that has been designed to help you identify whats important and to show you how to focus your effort to make them grow. This class is FREE and trust me, this is one training session you don’t want to miss before 2017 is ended. It will be taking you through an entire gardening process of your life. it will be a time for planting, cultivating, watering and weeding all in one weekend class. If you are ready to ignite 2018 and to make it your best year ever, join the WhatsApp group here the training session starts this weekend SAT and SUN NOV 18-19, 2017. Share with your loved ones if indeed you love them. - #regrann

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