Saturday, 31 March 2018

Why Merculet Token At this time that Social Media Platform like Facebook,Google, etc are banning advert of ICO because of the scammers, Merculet Token has come to transform the relations between consumers, producers, and investors. Merculet has built an Attention Value Network (token: MVP). It connects both the supply and demand sides of attention with an open protocol suite to promote a virtuous circulation of the Internet of Value. There are three core components: 1) The UAV (User Attention Value) evaluation system will scientifically measure the value of the user's attention while seamlessly integrating with traditional rewardpoint systems. 2) UATs (User Attention Tokens), which is the designated tokens for each entrepreneur. The UAT will be anchoring the basic MVP, enabling the synergy and the value exchange between entrepreneurs. 3) Open Content Platform will be built based on consensus and driven by tokens, becoming the sources of user attention, and encouraging all the users in the ecosystem to actively promote the virtuous cycle of the global content ecosystem as participants. #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Merculet #KrypitalGroup #Krypital #Token #Blockchain

The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention – the brainchild of a person or group of people known by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. But since then, it has evolved into something greater, and the main question every single person is asking is: What is Blockchain? Permit me to answer the question in relation to MErculet Token. Blockchain technology enables users and entrepreneurs, users and users, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to collaborate efficiently via mathematics and code without having to rely on a large number of intermediaries and middlemen. This will disrupt the investor-consumer-producer relation globally! Merculet uses blockchain technology to transform the relations between consumers, producers, and investors. It allows users to monetize their attention. Meanwhile, it also helps enterprises grow their businesses by creating a virtuous feedback ecosystem and the redistribution of the trillion-dollar value-driven economy. Merculet Token worth investing, join our Telegram Group to know more or visit out website #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Merculet #KrypitalGroup #Krypital #Token #Blockchain

Monday, 26 March 2018

Today, I realize upon discussing with many people around the world that there are people who have been burnt by “shitty” coins that never got listed, lending coins or some other unsustainable propositions. People fell for these for clear reasons - lack of knowledge. The people who promoted them are perceived as scammers. (About 0.9% of the world). Permit me to introduce you to a wonderful ICO called Merculet. Merculet, is the Chief Growth Officer of Global Entrepreneurs, uses blockchain technology to transform the relation between consumer, investor and producer, provides entrepreneurs with the one-stop solution, enabling global users to monetize their attention. Join their telegram group using this link. Kindly give me a like, comment or share. #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Merculet #KrypitalGroup #Krypital #Token #Merculet

Hi, Friends and Family, I strongly want to believe that you are following me on the ICO explanations journey and introduction of Merculet token. I will boldly tell you today that there are successful ICO transactions on record and ICOs are poised to be disruptive innovative tools in the digital era, all investors are cautioned to be wary as some ICO or crowdsale campaigns are actually fraudulent. However, I have been with an international company whose job is to verified genuine and profitable futuristic ICO named Kyrpital Group. This company approved Merculet token: Merculet project is dedicated to expand globally and form a diverse worldwide partnership. Currently, it has partnered with ELEX, a firm specializes in oversea video game releases for years Contact me to participate on this wonderful ICO. #Cryptocurrency #ICO #Merculet #KrypitalGroup #Krypital #Token

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