Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Thousands move out of Plateau villages, as Fulani, STF reach pact

The things going on in some villages in Plateau State is not funny but the agreement reached between the Fulanis and the Special Task Force (STF) is kinda funny...or maybe it's not! It's kinda confusing sha.

We all heard about the invasion of some villages by Fulani Herdsmen two weekends back where hundreds were massacred. Now the STF want to carry out a military operation in these villages and fish out 'the terrorists'.

So on Saturday July 14th, STF ordered villagers in five villages to move out of the villages temporary to give way for the operation. The villagers agreed but on the condition that the operation won't last for more than two days and they would be allowed to return home afterwards. Also, that their homes and properties would be protected and no Fulani will be killed or arrested.

Many of these villagers have now left their homes and camped at different locations, mostly open fields. What I don't understand is; does the STF expect the murderers aka the Fulani herdsmen to sit in these villages and wait for them? Like I don't understand it. If you were a fulani herdsman and you heard the military is coming, would you wait to fight them or be captured? Can someone explain how the STF plan to make this work? Who will they find in these villages when they've already announced they are coming?

Meanwhile the Military authorities in Abuja have said the operation “to eradicate terrorists” taking shelter in those villages will start 'any moment from now' and would last for two weeks.

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