Sunday, 28 October 2012

Lesson For Those that Want to Die For Politicians

The Changing Face of Lagos. Eko o Ni baje oooooooo.

What is the purpose of governance? To provide security and institutional frame work for her citizens to create wealth and make a livelihood; I think the recent approach to the so called 'okadas' show the intellectual deficit of our government in taking the bull by the horn but enjoy harassing the masses. The picture below shows Governor Fashola's relationship with Okada people, during the governorship Election and after Election.
Below are the comments of Lagosians on Gov Fashola's relationship with 'olokada' on facebook:(names and pictures have been removed)

  •  If a fool is not duly restrained, he will throw stones at a leopard. Foolish Fashola
  •  Is it hope for nigeria media that wants to bring ACN down or the acn itself that has started the project of their regrettable inescapable and devastating downfall in Lagos? The picture above this article shows vividly how deceptive and heartless they are.
  •  @Adetola, grow up and if you have some education, allow it to show. There is nothing bad about banning Okada on major roads - it is for the safety of their lives and that of other Lagosians. But the Okada riders want to be lawless - they want to do what they like in a state that has a government. That is not acceptable - Okada should be restricted to local roads and if the want to be lawless, it should be outright ban of Okada on all roads (local and major)
  • King  I just hate putting up my view in too public issue like this. Go mark it every state will soon ban Okada at least in major routes. It is just a matter of time. Delta state will be enforcing theirs in Asaba and Warri from November 1st.

    It is not a political thing, it is a developmental thing. We only beg that alternatives should be provided as succor to the people who may have lost their source of livelihood. Meanwhile, let those who it may not have affected also help to occupy them aswell.
  • Dammy  It's dangerous
  • Bukky  the best thing is to barn okada. majority of auto accidents in lag are caused by okada, people are robbed by okada riders, some were takenn away for rituals by okada riders. let everyone start trecking to bus stop. we all want our country to be like obodo oyinbo but we dnt want to face the consequence. Go to gbobi hospital, u will see a lot of hopeless situation caused by okada. it has to be stopped especially on major road.
  • Ezenw  interesting
  • Franklin  most of u dat said dey sud bane okada are fools, maybe cos u have other ortanative dat y ure taking like dat, but u never consider somebody dat don't have any other job xcept okada he have wife and kids how are dey goin to survive, dey buy d bike wit dere money and u take it frm dem and desroye it,u can not compare nigeria leader wit advance contry, let goverment create jobs 24hours NEPA and see if dey we still many
  • Franklin  many bikes,,, come to ikorodu and see how pple suffer cos of traffic, dere is no roads dere is no NEPA and no jobs if dere is altanative like water transportation good roads and train pple we not take a bike to lagos frm ikorodu and if dey did not take a bike how wud bike pple cary pple to lagos frm ikorodu,, d major problem is our goverment and dey knw it dey are only ponishing us dey knw wat to do, stop okada frm
  • Ar Don,t my dem okada is hp so is not gud
  • Love Nigeria If he is doing this in his second term I can imagine if there was anything like third terms, some of these governors would be using us to feed their vultures.
  • O  back stab!
  • Fr stop okada frm goin where ever dey wan to go in lagos is absolutely wrong cos dey have there own write too and dere paying tax, am staying at ikorodu and am working in lagos island, if not for bike I wud have lost my job for a verry long time, I have to resume work by 7am tell me how am I goin to make to d office wit d traffic of ikorodu road is too much, goverment sud provide train water transportation and good road

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