Saturday, 20 October 2012

Not tonight, dear: 40% of women have lied about being on their period to avoid sex, exercise and even explain away bad moods

  • One in seven women used the excuse to avoid sex or get time to relax
  • A further 20 per cent lied to explain a bad mood or snappy, irritable behaviour
As excuses in the bedroom go, a headache is usually a woman's first choice.
But it's certainly not the only one.
Nearly 40 per cent of women have lied about being on their period to get out of doing something, new research has revealed.
From sport to sex, the ‘time of the month’ is used as excuse for avoiding a variety of activities.
More than three-quarters of women who lied did not feel guilty, the research found
More than three-quarters of women who lied did not feel guilty, the research found
The online survey of 1,000 women found 38 per cent admitted to pretending to be on their period when it suits them.
The top reason cited was to get out of exercise, while one in seven women used it to avoid sex.

A significant number  - nearly 20 per cent - also used it as an excuse for a bad mood or snappy, irritable behaviour. 
Others lied about where they were in their cycle as an excuse to indulge or have some relaxation time.
Yet the vast majority felt no guilt about fibbing – perhaps because nearly half of the lies were told over the phone, via text, social networks or email.
The research also found up to 90 per cent of women suffer from period pain
The research, commissioned by Panadol, also revealed that 90 per cent of women  suffered from period pain.
Of these, 76 per cent said their pain lasted longer than a day, with nearly a quarter of women suffering from period pains for three or more days. 
Previous research has indicated that up to 10 per cent of women are forced to take sick leave every month as a result.

Period pain is caused by contractions in the womb during menstruation. 
Each one temporarily stops the blood flow, causing the tissue to be starved of oxygen. 
At the same time chemicals called prostaglandins are released that induce stronger contractions and can cause more pain. 
Also known as dysmenorrhoea, for some women the pain is so severe it causes vomiting and fainting.
It tends to be worse during teenage years, gradually easing off with age.
Now Panadol has now launched  a new dedicated product, Panadol Period Pain relief.
The manufacturer claims the formulation is 37 per cent more powerful due to the addition of caffeine, which research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found boosts the painkilling properties of paracetamol.
The product is also said to disperse in the stomach quicker than regular paracetamol, helping it to work within 10 minutes.

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