Friday, 23 November 2012

Husband Returns from Night Vigil at 3am, Catches Wife In Bed With Male Lover

A man who had gone for an all-night prayer got the shock of his life when he caught his 'faithful' wife pants down with a neighbour on his bed at their matrimonial home. The incident is said to have happened at around 3am.

“The two lovebirds’ timing was wrong as Maskiri decided to return earlier than expected and he caught them in the act. He then alerted some neighbours who proceeded to report the matter to the police,” said a witness.

A source said the husband, only identified as Maskiri, returned home from prayers earlier than the usual time and this helped him to catch his unfaithful wife, Fungai Sibanda, having sex with their neighbour, identified as Tinashe Mutuwari.

When Maskiri was contacted for comment, he opened up saying he was still in dilemma of what had driven his wife to do such an embarrassing thing.

“I had gone for an all-night prayer and my wife had remained at home. At around 3am, I decided to go home as I was feeling sleepy. When I got home, I got the shock of my life as I found my wife sleeping with Tinashe on our bed. I became weak and could not do or say anything to the two. I quietly walked out and informed some neighbours,” said Maskiri.

He revealed that he suspected it was not the first time Tinashe had spend the night at his home as he regularly went for all-night prayers leaving his wife at home.

To the surprise of many, the wife got a restraining order from a local court against her husband. “Surprisingly, Fungai rushed to seek a peace order against me saying I was troubling her and she won the case,” the husband added.

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