Friday, 21 December 2012

A MUST READ! See What Would Happen on The Day of Rapture

A few Sundays ago, I was in church....
During the service, my mind left the church momentarily.
By the time i returned, i came back with this...enjoy!
Its Sunday morning:
The maddening rush for church begins.
Alarms wake up sleepy heads.
Hurried baths, skipped breakfast.
Families, friends, neighbours tucked into cars.
Commuters rushing for the next available vehicle.
Rush. Rush. Rush.
Its sunday morning.
Bible-clutching believers are going to worship.
The traffic at church entrance.
Traffic control folks have a fit controlling traffic.
Drivers break traffic instructions to get into church early.
Ushers manage to direct worshippers to seats which many refuse for better seat options.
Bretheren hug and shake hands.
The children in their sunday classes.
Everyone looks saintly and beautifully dressed

Service begins....
The excitemnet. The frenzy of praise. The beauty of worship. The dance. The claps. The tears. The holy hands lifted to the One we claim to know and serve and worship.
The choir does a fantastic job of singing God's praise.
Its a very full house. Hall pcked beyond capacity.
Many are outside, seated. Inside is too full.
From the altar to the pews, God is in the house.

...a loud trumpet sound...deafening...frightening too...

Minutes later...
.....the church is still full..
Just a few empty seats.
Pastors are still here.
Just a handfull missing.
The choir-clutching microphones are here, just a few seats are empty.
The ushers still have a large crowd to direct.
The traffic control is still controlling vehicles, the occupants still intact. Just a few are or two crashes too.
The children church is totally EMPTY!
The elders' stand is almost totally empty too.
People begin working their phones. Frantic calls are made.
This doesnt look too good at all.
What is going on?
Isnt this supposed to be the haven for the saints?
The church ia still full. Almost everyone is here!

Fear. Chaos. Confusion. Tears. Anxiety. Dread. Wailing. Gnashing of teeth. Shame. Embarrassment. Many go on their knees to pray....
Church people turn to pastor for answers...
People are screaming, running helter skelter...

That was the voice of the pastor that jolted me to reality.
And once again, i am back in the church building.
...Church Service continues... 

- By Lara Wise

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