Thursday, 6 December 2012

Corruption is Killing the Potentials of Nigerians –US

Corruption has been identified as a key element hindering Nigeria from attaining its full potential by the United States Consul General in Nigeria, Jeffery Hawkins.

Hawkins, who described the people of Nigeria as those with “phenomenal potential,” said stemming corruption was fundamental to the country’s prosperity and economic development.

Hawkins said, “The potential of the people of Nigeria is absolutely phenomenal; Nigerians are forward looking with a whole lot of entrepreneurial expertise, but this potential is not being harnessed because of the potential risk element of corruption in the polity, especially in the power sector.

“Corruption is a Nigerian problem and it does not only have its impact on Nigerians because there are also American companies here. Besides, we have over $5bn investment in Nigeria. Without addressing this issue of corruption, we are not likely to see this country get to where it should be."

He spoke during a courtesy visit to the corporate headquarters of The Punch in Lagos on Wednesday.

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