Monday, 3 December 2012

My Boyfriend Said He Can't Marry Me Unless I'm Pregnant

It all started well and we love each other dearly. But I don't think I understand the direction things are heading in our relationship anymore. This is an affair that have last for over three years.

Moreover, age is no longer on my side and I'm suspecting that he's doing this because he knows am getting older and as such wont want to walk out on him. Where would I start from?

When we started this relationship it was agreed there wont be sex but one year down the line we broke that after several pressure and now he sleeps with me whenever he wants. As if that is not enough he's now insisting that I must get pregnant for him before he would marry me.

He claims it's because he discovered I wasn't a virgin after I told him something contrary. He said for him to be sure my womb is intact I must get pregnant or forget him. I've begged him but he has refused.

My parents wont like the idea of me getting pregnant and I don't want his seed to drop inside me and I start hearing another excuse from him later. Please how best can I handle this guy and have my way?


Ogah alfred said...

I'm going to be plain and brief. I don't think he is into u like before again u said u've bin dating 4 3 year ryt?. Getting pregas for him before marriage is the wrongest thing to do trust me if u try it he might bail n leave u and ur unborn baby stranded "not cool". For got sake we are in the 21st century where there are different way for a husband and wife to get their own blood baby. If u still love him and want him to be ur husband sit and talk with him. It might just be that the problem in the future why you don't get pregas comes from him, not u.

Commentator said...

U will be a fool if u allow that to happen bcos u cant keep to ur promise. guys want you there.

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