Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Government Gives Conditions to Take Boko Haram Cease-Fire Seriously

The Federal Government on Tuesday reacted to the offer of ceasefire by a faction of the fundamentalist Islamic group, Boko Haram, by giving a condition to the sect.

The condition is: Boko Haram must stop its violence in the North for a period of one month.

The Chief of Defence Staff, Admiral Ola Ibrahim, stated the Federal Government’s position. Ibrahim spoke with journalists at the opening of the 2013 seminar on National Security organied by the Alumni Association of the National Defence College, Abuja.

He said that while security chiefs were excited by the development, the olive branch offered by the sect called for caution.

He said, “You see, we must treat that with a lot of caution. You understand, there are certain objective tests that will make sense. Let’s assume we can have a long period of about one month where no bomb explodes, where nobody is shot, where nobody is beheaded, where no church is bombed, where no mosque is threatened.

“If they can guarantee just one month, then we can begin to talk. You see we must take this with a lot of caution. That is what I am telling you.

“We hope whatever that must have brought about this will further enhance our security and it’s like a recognition of the very futile approach to solving whatever they consider to be their problems. So we are a bit excited by it but we are taking everything with a lot of caution.”

It would be recalled that a Boko Harama commander, Muhammed Abdulazeez, had in a statement on Monday, said the sect resolved to stop its violence after a dialogue with the Government of Borno State in Maiduguri.

Abdulazeez said that the ceasefire had become necessary as a result of the hardship caused other Muslims and citizens of the North by the activities of the sect.

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