Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Jonathan’s 2015 Campaign posters litters Abuja

Giant campaign posters, announcing President Goodluck Jonathan’s readiness to contest the 2015 presidential election, greeted Nigerians in Abuja, the nation’s capital, as they woke up to savour the dawn of the New Year, It was not clear why the sponsors of the message decided to put it out on the first day of the new year but a source familiar with the message pointed out that it was to send a strong message to the opposition that Jonathan was serious about contesting in 2015 and to test the reactions of the Nigerians. Although, Jonathan hinted BBC in an interview sayingI WILL NOT SEEK A SECOND TERM Going by the dodgy response and reactions and in the light of present circumstance, many believe that if he is aware of the development,   he has deceived BBC 

The campaign posters have been spread across the major areas of ECOWAS, Peoples Democratic Party Secretariat in Wuse 5, and the Central Business District, where major government offices are situated.
One of the posters, which had President Goodluck Jonathan’s portrait read, 2015: No vacancy in Aso Rock. Let’s do more. One good term deserves another. Support Dr. Goodluck Azikiwe Jonathan for 2015 Presidency. 
in a prompt responce the Presidency  has disowns the posters
When contacted the Political Adviser to the President, Alhaji Ahmed Gulak disowned the posters saying that they did not emanate from the presidency and that “the president has not authorised anybody to print any campaign poster for him as regards 2015 elections”.
He declared that the president has been “pre-occupied with working to fix Nigeria and did not want to be distracted by undue politicking about 2015”.
The presidential aide further said that the pasting of the posters could be the work of mischief makers who want to deceive Nigerians.

online reactions from Nigerian suggest that, the masses would not have an additional day to the tenures of President  Goodluck Jonathan, some responses from NL says

k2039 Said Congratulation to GEJ.Nothing wrong, even without the campaign it's obvious he has second term ambitions.

The beauty of democracy is just that campaign is not sufficient to win elections, it boils down to the masses.

For Okupe, I have absolutely nothing to disagree with him about, he is just doing his own work. He can hype or over rate the president for all I care, it still doesn't change the reality of GEJ's presidency to any sane mind.
nuclearboy Why do you feel there's nothing "wrong" about this? The dude promised, didn't he, that he would run only one term!

I see this as another indicator, in a long list of such, that worse days are ahead - the core insane north, will only get angrier and Nigeria will boil further! At the same time, the man himself loses more credibility and respect from all and sundry!

If he was performing well, the common man would support him but that's not the case - so his ambition will cause more trouble, worsening the insecurity in the land, further entrenching tribalism and division yet adding zero value to Nigeria! Its just the less than 1% who are (in)direct beneficiaries and the ethnic warriors who wish disintegration (since they never saw war) that will be pleased! Yet when the common man curses or rejoices at evil befalling them, people will come out and scream! You are dehumanising your own people for personal selfishness yet believe they ought continue to love you - na wa O!

2013 - I fear!

Trust me, I want GEJ out, just like most Nigerians.

About GEJ's promise to run for a term in office, just a typical politician, BRF also said something like that indirectly. I'm not making an excuse for him, but it just shows that he can't be trusted to deliver on his word.

The big question, has GEJ violated the constitution with this campaign?(I doubt if he did).

So it all boils down to the masses in 2015.
My former signature on nairaland was this.
Politics is only as good as the people who make it their calling and those who put them into office either by voting or refusing to vote.The maintenance of good government is dependent on good people
So irrespective of whether he campaigns now or not, the ultimate decision lies in our hand either to re-elect him or force him out. 

mankevo (Who is surprised?
His desperate effort to have Anenih head PDP's b.o.t alone is the pointer to that effect
Let Nigerians rise to the task of shoving off ethnicity,religous clination,sentimental attachment, and also study the remaining 2years of his administrations, maybe there will be ''nuclear changes''
Their denial of anything didnt start today, so Gulak's denial of the knowledge shouldn't stop us in being observatory in the happenings ahead

Musiwa11 Said demdem you are showing bbc.. he told BBC a lie.. what you expect from goodluck before.. where are you from russia.. ? even if nobody show up to vote. he will rig it.. this is how africa elections are they ring it..

Why do you think i have called for break up of nigeria. it is not possible to conduct free and fair election in Nigeria... and in 2015.. the violent is going to 100 time what it was in 2011..

there will be so violent and killing that you will need God to save the people.. if Goodluck wins again.. so the need to break up the the country.

the number of people that will die.. will be so high a figure.. even if you put in a northern there.. either north or south, there will still have the same problem.

look there is time for everything.. this is the time to break up nigeria.. You see there will be so much violent, that the govt may not be able to end the violent..

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