Thursday, 10 January 2013

Married Nollywood Actor Impregnates & Abandons Abuja Woman

This is the result of a 10-months long sexual escape by a Nollywood actor:
Lynn Nguseer Adi, an Abuja based 29 year old woman, is accusing newly married actor, Charles Inojie, of putting her in the family and absconding. The result of the actor's hard-work on her is out; a baby girl. 
The Abuja woman said she and Charles dated for 10 months in 2011 and he was all over her but she only got to know his true colour when he got her pregnant.
She said Charles Nnojie initially claimed to be cool with the pregnancy, but when she was three months, he asked her to get an abortion but she refused.

What Lynn didn't know was that Charles was in another relationship with Obehi Obhiseh, the woman he eventually got married to in November. His new wife, Obehi is already pregnant too.

Lynn said Charles has not called her for some time now, he doesn't reply her messages and has said he doesn't want anything to do with she and her baby.

But why are some men so heartless? Anyway, Lynn wants a paternity test and she's willing to pay for it.

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