Thursday, 10 January 2013

What Have I Done to My Mother In-Law to Deserve This Hatred?

After the just concluded Xmas and new year festivities, I feel I have to travel somewhere or vent my anger and frustrations somehow. I have two children, been married for 6 years. My husband is loving and sweet but is a mummy’s boy. He is shameless about it, I wouldn’t have minded but my mother in law is a…BITCH!

She acts nice and sweet around my husband, but the minute he’s out of the room, she starts taunting me and saying that as far as she’s concerned, I don’t have a foothold in the family, that I have no male child yet, the two daughters I have are fat and useless like me, and on and on.

I once tried to report to my husband and he got really angry and started shouting. He confronted her and this woman started crying and threw herself on the ground, wailing, saying that she did no such thing, that she loves me so much, why do I want to turn her son against her? My husband had never been so upset with me like that in his life. My explanations fell on deaf ears, he ignored me for weeks. We later made up.

This holiday season, she started again, calling me fat, repulsive, unattractive, that I have terrible genes, etc. She says that her son would soon leave me, and that it’s her word against mine. She really hates me, and why, I have no idea.

Please help me, I am fed up!!!

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