Tuesday, 19 February 2013

First Lady Patience Jonathan's N500 Million "Resurrection" Thanksgiving Service In Abuja

*Thanksgiving Party Shuts Down Abuja

About 5000 guests, 18 state governors, overran Abuja on Sunday for a lavish thanksgiving party thrown for Nigeria’s First Lady, Patience Jonathan, at a cost of N500 million.
From Nigerian Live TV facebook page.
  •  U can imgine hw these bunch of idoits are wastin the nation's resoucre while youths are perishin on d streets of d country,do they really hav d nation at heart.
  •  Even d fools wit them similin wen notin is funny
  •  lavished 500 million naira on a thanksgiving party(just one party) in Abuja because 'she died for a week and God woke her back' when many Nigerians did not wake up with as little as 500 naira this morning! I am sure God did not wake you to engage in a waste such as this!
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  •  YOU ARE ALL MAD PEOPLE OVER THERE IN GOVERNMENT.you have all lost that sence of reasoning and I wish GOD destroys this planet called earth.
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  •  Bunch of bastards ruling dis country, jes so sad...
  •  May she die again and never wake up, so dey won't av to spend anotha N500million
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  •  Imagine? Spending that insane amount of money on 'resurrection' party, while millions of Naija people are dying of hunger ....absolutely uncalled for and wastage of our national resources. SMH
  • The money was spent on what? Food? Drinks? No wonder, he wants a bigger banquet hall. Jonathan Spendthrift

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