Thursday, 21 February 2013

Murtala Muhammed Airport Schools Inter-House Sport Competition

It is an interesting moment for to witness the inter-house athletics competition of Murtala
Muhammed Airport Schools, an International School(rated among the best elite schools in Lagos State) located at MMA2 Strabag B/Stop Ikeja. As much as the school is boast of high level of intellectual  development, it also encourages sporting development in various sporting disciplines.
February 20 was another amazing display of their sporting development among six houses(blue, green, pink, red, white and yellow houses)
The overall result of the activities was given as follows
White House- 1st
Blue House- 2nd
Yellow House- 3rd
Pink House- 4th
Green House- 5th

Red House- 6th
Pictures and Video below...

The winner of the march-past- up green house
More pictures.....
Blue House during their  march past: Photo by Osefan

Pink House displaying their best

Red House march-past

Yellow House taking a bow

White House on the march

Green House Queens and Princess

Yellow House King and Queen

The Queens
Watch the Video....

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