Saturday, 23 February 2013

People expect gospel artistes to perform for free –Paul Praise

Paul Praise
Popular gospel artiste, Paul Praise, established himself in the short while he got into the music industry. He launched himself into the industry in 2008 and stuck to gospel music. Five years down the line, he has no regrets. However, gathered that the major challenge of gospel artistes is that people expect them to perform for free, forgetting that they have bills to pay.
He said, “The greatest challenge is people’s expectations of gospel musicians. Most people expect that we are not supposed to get paid because of our genre of music; they believe we should do it for free since it is the work of God. The truth is that our equipment is bought with money and the musicians and the band members have families that they need to take care of. Sometimes when people call and ask how much we would charge for a particular performance, they feel shocked at the amount we mention. They remind us that it is the work of God but they fail to understand that we all buy things from the same market as everybody else.”
Sharing a near death experience that got him closer to God, Paul Praise said he almost died after a surgery and did not wake until he was about to be taken to the morgue.
“In 2008, I was in coma for about eight hours but God brought me back to life through the prayers of men of God. I was sick and went for check up, I had a boil and a surgery was performed to remove the boil. After the surgery, I did not wake up for eight hours until when they were about to take me to the morgue,” Paul Praise said.

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