Thursday, 14 February 2013

REVEALED! Beyonce Needs Sex Before She Can Perform Well

The person making this revelation, in my opinion is a suspect. How the hell did you know so much about what's going on with Beyonce and Jay-Z behind closed doors? Have you been peeping or what? lol. But seriously what this insider told Star Magazine about Beyonce is just too nasty. 

The source is a very close pal. See the revelations below...
"While she lets Jay-Z be the alpha male most of the time, Beyonce takes charge when it's Booty Thirty. She loves tying him up... She's such a demure woman in public, but behind bedroom doors she's absolutely wild." 
Then the big one, Beyonce "even has sex with Jay-Z before every performance to help calm her nerves."
So 'small' Beyonce will tire 'big' Jay-Z up? Na wa for this source o!!!!!

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