Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What A Mess!! Pastor Caught With Cocaine

I wonder the kind of morals this pastor has be passing on to his congregation:
The Baypoint Community Church in Texas City is now going to be closed down after the man leading the flock was accused of drug possession and violence against his own girlfriend. Pastor Terry Gass was accused of pushing his girlfriend out of an SUV. Consequently, the bank has foreclose on the property where the church is located and take it all back. 
This might be a surprising move by a financial institution, but the domestic violence incident was just the beginning of Pastor Terry’s troubles....
Police arrested Pastor Terry and took him into custody after the fight with his girlfriend. Surprisingly, when they brought him in for booking, officers found cocaine in his pocket. The drug was wrapped on the inside of a dollar bill, thereby compounding his troubles with the authorities.
Back at church, Pastor Terry tried to hide the incident, claiming that he was going to take a temporary leave of absence. This angered two of his associate pastors, who immediately resigned from the church.

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