Monday, 1 April 2013

Bakare blames executive, legislature for injustice

Pastor Tunde Bakare
Convener, Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare, says justice will continue to elude Nigerians as long as the Federal Government continues to collude with the National Assembly and the judiciary to violate people’s rights.
Bakare, who is the serving Overseer, Latter Rain Assembly, said this during a press conference to herald the 24th anniversary of the church in Lagos on Sunday.
He said, “There is a collusion of high forces of executive, legislature and judiciary in this country. That is why you cannot see justice in the country.
“The Federal Government has formed a merger long before now with the Senate, armed forces and the judiciary to keep Nigerians subjugated.”
Bakare flayed the ostentatious lifestyles of some clerics, saying that had formed the basis of the peoples
agitation that churches and mosques should be paying taxes.
He said instead of asking religious organisations to pay taxes because of the extravagant spending by a select few, government should devise a strategy of dealing with the situation.
He said, “Nigerians should stop chasing shadows. They should ask the government how our money is being spent.
“The fact that a few Pentecostal preachers are leading ostentatious lifestyles should not be the basis for taxing religious organisations.”
In her remarks, President, Campaign for Democracy, Dr. Joe Okei-Odumakin, who was honoured by the church for being honoured with Woman of Courage Award by the United States, lamented the rate of corruption in the country.
She said the reported move by the Federal Government to increase the pump prices of petroleum products would be resisted by civil society organisations.
Okei-Odumakin said, “Officials of the government are not only corrupt but corruption has become the officials.
“The government has not been subsidising fuel but corruption. We want to tell the government that Nigerians will not accept any increase in fuel. If they want to do it, they must be ready for mother of all battles.”
The rights crusader also reflected on the award recently bestowed on her by the United States Government, saying she was one of the nine beneficiaries of the award across the globe.
She said with the award, she had become more strengthened and determined to fight  injustice

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