Sunday, 10 March 2013

EXPOSED! 2 Ex-Presidents, 3 PDP Governors Set To Fund APC

Latest investigations have shown that about three governors of the ruling PDP and some former presidents have agreed to fund the newly-formed All Progressives Congress (APC), just as the new party may likely face registration hurdles with INEC over its acronym.

The two former Heads of State are said to be backing the APC financial and has assured them of their full support, thou from behind the scene, to make sure PDP is defeated in 2015.

But the APC is likely to face registration problems because its acronym, APC, had already been taken by another political party. The said party, African Progressive Congress is already registered with the acronym, APC in INEC's database.

Since another party is already bearing APC, INEC might refuse to register the newly-formed All Progressives Congress (APC) unless it changed its name to avoid conflict with the existing registered political party.

According to Tribune, three governors and two former presidents had promised to fund the new party but they would still remain within the ruling party.

It was specifically reported that a South-(South) governor had pledged support for the new party with cash while opting to remain within the PDP for safety reasons.

A North-Central governor was said to have made similar pledge under an anonymous cover, especially as his real estate business in Abuja could be attacked by the PDP if he supports the APC openly.

“Most of them are afraid. They promise to support us but they are not ready to leave the PDP [yet to avoid victimization]. They want to give us money but we are also afraid of them. We don’t want them to hijack the new party, “ an APC source said.

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