Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kim Kardashian denies insulting Nigeria

kim K

There was an outrage on twitter over an alleged twitted said to have been originated from Kim Kardashian. In the said tweet, the reality television star insulted Nigeria and compared Nigerian women to apes.
The tweet reads, “Nigeria is such a disgusting country. I couldn’t wait to leave. Lol, Scott said their women look like apes and I agree.”
It should be remembered that the American came to Nigeria for Darey Art-Alade’s Love Like a Movie concert and did not spend up to two hours before she left the country.
While some Nigerians believed the tweet was fake, those who didn’t did not hesitate to dish out insults to Kim K.
The American television host took to her twitter account stating that she did not post such tweets and that is not her opinion about Nigeria.
Kim K wrote, “I see there’s a photo shopped tweet floating around, supposedly something I said about Nigeria. That was NOT me, or my feelings. That fake tweet is very disturbing & I would NEVER EVER tweet something like that.”

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