Sunday, 10 March 2013

School worker, 43, 'sent more than 26 naked photos of herself to two teenage male students' claiming she 'wanted attention'

A Florida school worker has been accused of sending more than 26 naked photographs of herself to two teenage male students.
Jody Onorato, 43, a school attendance clerk, was charged on Friday and accused of sending cell phone photo messages that were 'sexual in nature' to the students. 
One of the boys is a 17-year-old, who still attends Vanguard High School, and the other is currently 19 but received the images while in eleventh grade at the Ocala high school.
Naked texts: Jody Onorato has been charged with texting naked photographs of herself to two males students at Marion County's Vanguard High School

The divorced Silver Springs resident, who was dismissed from her job last Sunday, did not have any sexual relations with the boys, according to reports. 
Police told local media that Onorato admitted sending the messages and said she 'wanted attention' and needed help.
    The school office worker was reportedly caught in a sting orchestrated by the 17-year-old boy's mother. 
    According to WKMG 6, the teen's mother heard rumors about the messages her son had received. 
    When she confronted him, he admitted receiving the images and exchanging texts with the attendance clerk.

    According to the broadcaster, the mother then confronted Onorato in a recorded phone call and the high school worker confessed and apologized - she later did the same thing with the mother of the other student. 
    The 17-year-old last received messages from Onorato in January while the 19-year-old received them over a year ago.
    On Friday, Onorato was charged with two counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor.  
    According to, she admitted the charges to police on being shown one of the incriminating photos. 
    She was booked into Marion County Jail on Friday but was released on bond in the early hours of yesterday, according to the website.

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