Monday, 11 March 2013

Zurich defender bitten by pine marten

An unruly pine marten invaded the pitch during a Swiss Super League match between Thun and Zurich, expertly evading capture by any means necessary.
After running across the pitch once, the animal returned seconds after the referee whistle play to continue. A small net was used to try and imprison it, but it broke free and again ran across the pitch before getting tackled by Zurich's Loris Benito. Desperate to break free, the furry pest bit Benito on the finger, but he held on and carried it off.
After Benito received treatment for his bloody finger, the marten returned yet again, but this time the goalkeeper grabbed him and was impervious to the bites thanks to his gloves. Finally, the marten was removed from the building, the match was able to continue and someone had the genius idea to add the Benny Hill theme to this video.
"In hindsight, it was obviously foolish of me (to try and catch it)," said Benito after the match. "Who knows what diseases the animal had. But I wanted to play the match and now I simply trust my immune system."
But since Zurich beat Thun 4-0, Benito isn't holding any hard feelings against the marten, suggesting that they make it their new mascot. "We have the lion. But the marten has brought us luck."

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