Saturday, 20 April 2013

Between GEJ And Buhari, Who Do You Think Will Do A Better Job?

Am not showing support for Buhari but I dont agree with the way most people make their judgements concerning Buhari's candidacy.
Each time Buhari's name comes up in matters concerning elections, most of us come up with comments that says things such as:

1. Why doesn't he give the younger ones a chance?
2. He is an islamic extremist.
3. He overthrew a democratic regime.
4. How many times will he contest?

These comments are absolutely true and valid, but the bad

news is that these comments does not answer the ultimate burning question. In case you have forgotten what the ultimate question is, here it goes: WHO CAN GET THINGS BETTER DONE AS A NIGERIAN LEADER? In 2015 we may likely face a scenario of having to choose between Goodluck Jonathan and Muhammadu Buhari. What should be in our minds to guide us in our choices and decision should be the question of who among the candidates is credible aspirnat! who will do a better job.
Going by the comments i exemplified above which were given by those against the emergence of Buhari as a candidate, I am prompted to ask this question:

A. A man/woman who has never overthrown a democratic government ?
B. A man/woman who has not contested for elections more than twice ?
C. A man/woman who will do a good job governing Nigeria ?
D. A man who has not ruled Nigeria as a dictator ?

Of course I believe most of us will choose option C as the answer to the question above. If Option C is the answer then it makes absolutely no sense to say that you wouldnt vote for Buhari because he overthrew a democratic government or because he has contested 10 times and failed and doesnt want a younger person to take over etc. If that is your line of thought are you saying that for instance, if it is glaring that Buhari will rescue this nation from all her troubles, you will never vote for him because he has contested numerous times and he overthrew democracy in the past? Are we choosing leaders based on these reasons or what?
The question we should be arguing and answering here should be, WHO WILL DO A BETTER JOB BETWEEN BUHARI AND JONATHAN?
No one should be takling trash about Buhari supporting boko haram or Buhari contesting 10 times and never quiting or Buhari overthrowing a civilian regime.

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