Saturday, 18 May 2013

AfroCandy Again! She Wants To Act Another Porn Movie With Three Hot Babes

Remember OluFamous.Com told you guys that actress Uche Ogbodo is trying to reconsider her decision to act nude, a statement she earlier made that attracted a lot of criticisms?

Well, AfroCandy wasted no time to offer Uche the chance to fullfil her fantasy to act nude but Uche is mad at the offer, crying out that "I'm not a porn star." Lolz!

See both AfroCandy's message and Uche's reply below

"Attention Nollywood Producers oya let's go, I have to say this out, I was planing to cast Uche Ogbodo in my next movie before she went public. I also have in mind to cast Cossy Orjiakor and Anita Joseph in my next PRODUCTION...You guys can copy me oh, but it's gonna happen and I bet my Fans are gonna have loads of fun with that.."

"I, Uche Ogbodo, emphatically state that I am an actress and not a porn star. The fact that I was just experimenting and having fun with the 'Lady Gaga' red hair photo shoot is not an excuse for the likes of AfroCandy to insult me.

"If I ever decide to strip in a movie, trust me, it'd be worth it like Halle Berry did in Monster's Ball and Swordfish. Right now I am in talks with a reputable artiste management outfit to represent me and re-invent myself."
It seems Uche Ogbodo is really set to become a good girl. Time will tell!

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