Thursday, 23 May 2013

Comedian AY Drops His Own Autobiography

First it was Julius Agwu and now we have one of Nigeria's most business-minded comedian, AY, dropping his autobiography titled - AY's Diary: Just Laugh. Below is what he intends to achieve with it
The book is a revelation of the meteoric rise and secret of a highly creative entrepreneur in the Comedy Industry. It will also be giving invaluable clue to younger comedians and all those who are interested in the business of comedy, on the need of having compulsory education as a personal empowerment before launching fully into the business of comedy.

Of course you know that AY has an Open Mic platform that discovered comedians like Seyi Law, Elenu, Akpororo, Mc Shakara, Emeka Smith, Ajebo, Pencil and still discovering more.

Kudos to AY!

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