Friday, 10 May 2013

If You Expose Jonathan, I Will Expose You Too ––Minister Threatens Amaechi

Nigeria is heading for a date with revelations and counter-revelations and this is sure good for the masses of this country as it will enable the people know the dirty acts of their leaders in secret.

It is now confirmed that Aso Rock is fighting Rivers State. A man Governor Ritimi Amaechi made his Chief of Staff, who he protect from EFCC and later nominated as Minister, Nyesom Wike, is now conspiring with President Goodluck Jonathan to intimate the same Amaechi...

Minister of State for Education, Nyesom Wike, has warned that he would also speak up and expose the things he know about Governor Amaechi if the governor dare to expose President Jonathan.

Speaking to PDP agents in Port Harcourt, Wike said: “I heard some people are saying that they will talk and expose people fighting them; it is too late to expose people fighting them now. It is meaningless now.

“I worked as Chief of Staff at the Government House and the documents are there for all to see. Let them carry the documents and go through them and do what they like with them. The day they speak, I will speak too. It is not only one man that can speak. When you speak, others will also speak.”

Aso Rock is fighting Governor Amaechi because the governor refused to share the state's resources, as one of the richest states in Nigeria. For those still in doubt about this, see what the minister said below: 
“You cannot eat alone. When you eat alone, it is not always satisfying. The PDP is a big umbrella that can accommodate everybody. Everybody should be carried along.”

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