Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Pupils escape drowning in Lagos flood

The timely arrival of emergency workers on Tuesday afternoon saved hundreds of pupil of Ogba Primary School from being drowned.
Some of the primary school pupils, however, sustained varying degrees of minor injuries and were treated by the Lagos State Ambulance Service.
Many people were injured as many  parts of Agege and Ogba were, on Tuesday afternoon, flooded as a result of the mid-day downpour in the Lagos communities.
Officials of the National Emergency Management Authority(NEMA) , Lagos State Emergency Agency and LASAMBUS prevented what would have been a serious tragedy at Ogba Primary School, Ogba, Lagos.

The school was submerged in flood, making it very impossible for teachers and pupils in the school to trace their ways out of the school premises.
The situation was getting out of hand  when a distress call was put to the state ministry of education , from where the different emergency management agencies were contacted.
Many of the pupils had gone out of their classrooms and were playing in the overflooded school premises.
A source in the area, who simply identified himself as Bayo, stated that the teachers had initially wanted to see if they could evacuate the pupils but outside the school was also flooded.
The situation became worse as  teachers and the school authorities became very worried  before the emergency workers arrived.
Ibrahim Farinloye, the South-West spokesperson of the NEMA , while speaking on the incident. ,insisted that all the pupils were rescued.
The NEMA spokesperson noted that the few of them who had minor injuries were treated by officials of LASAMBUS.
He appealed to school authorities to always take precautionary measures on their wards , while also advising drivers not to stay in their vehicles , during heavy rainfall.
In a related development, scores of residents of Ijaiye, Sowonuola and Adeyemi Streets, Abiola Market area  as well as other communities in Agege and Ogba were injured as a result of heavy flooding in the area.
The wounded people were those who got injured while trying to run away from the flooded area and others, trying to salvage their belongings from their homes and shop.

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