Thursday, 13 June 2013

See How Susan Rice Who Gave Abiola The "Deadly" Tea React To The Issue

20 years after; the controversial death of late Chief MKO Abiola on July 7, 1998, during a visit of the United State assistant secretary of state for African Affairs, Susan Rice and a CIA agent, Thomas Pickering, who is said to be good in "undercover activities", is finally getting clearer.

From what we gathered, a correspondent of Leadership got in touch with the American lady, Susan Rice, through mail and for the first time, after ignoring the media for several years on this matter, she reacted. Below is what transpired in the mail exchange:

Ambassador Susan Rice, reacting to a mail from Leadership has said that she will not make any comment on what transpired during the last moments of Chief Abiola, "for personal reasons".

Leadership had sought her comment over what happened before the late business mogul started gasping for breath after taking a cup of tea that was served him by Suzan Rice. But after waiting for another three hours and no response was forthcoming, Leadership called Rice’s number and her secretary said that she would not be making any comments on the matter.

Also, former US ambassador to Nigeria who also visited late Abiola on the day he died, Thomas Pickering, declined to make comments when Leadership sent him an electronic mail.

Pickering’s aides at his Woodrow Institute office, who refused to mention his name to Leadership during a telephone chat, initially promised to get a comment from him but later said that the former US ambassador would not like to speak on the issue "due to security reasons".

Leadership made another effort to get the reactions of Susan Rice. When her office in the UN was called, the secretary of the United States Mission in New York, Ms Harrera Kathleen, said she was not ready to partake in a telephone interview that had been earlier suggested.

How can these people bring a "special tea" for Abiola and few hours later he was stone dead and they are saying we can't talk for personal and security reasons? Where in the world do high profile government men and women take tea to 'political prisoners'? Why is the Nigerian government silent on this issue!?

I hope you guys can read between the lines...

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