Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Teen Girl Arrested For Stripping At Catholic High School Wants To Be P0rn Star

19-year-old Valerie Dodds of St. Pius X High School in Nebraska was always mocked by her classmates because of her dream to pursue a career in the adult entertainment industry.
“It looked like something that I just kind of wanted to try, I guess,” she said.
So she embarked on a personal vendetta against the non-believers by showing them exactly what kind of talents would make her a successful porn star.

Valerie, or Val Midwest, started her own website with nude photos of herself. Her classmates, however, just continued to make fun of her and her body. 

But Valerie was determined to assure her peers that this scrutiny wouldn’t stop her from achieving her goal.

So, last May she had someone take nude pictures of her on the Catholic School’s football field, right in front of St. Pius’s motto, “Restore all things in Christ.”

While Valerie would have been arrested in basically any other state, posing naked on a Catholic School’s football field only resulted in a ticket for trespassing and public nudity.

She received the ticket last week when she returned to the football field for another photoshoot in her underwear.
St. Pius released a statement urging the community to pray for Valerie.

“More important to us, however, is that we constantly follow our school’s motto,” the statement read. “To that end, we are praying for the young lady and her family, and we stand ready to offer forgiveness and support should she seek it.”

Valerie told KETV Omaha that her next photoshoot will be in front of the Lancaster County Courthouse.

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