Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Jonathan Must Be President In 2015, No Negotiations ––Asari

Asari Dokubo is a very funny man... He said he left ACN because someone is sitting in Lagos and was trying to decide who will be candidates in Rivers State. But he didn't see any wrong in Goodluck Jonathan sitting in his office in Abuja and also trying to decide how Amaechi governs Rivers State?

Even Asari Dokubo himself had his way in Rivers State by ensuring that his own wife was the candidate of the ACN in the House of Reps election.

Jonathan had his way by installing Seriake Dickson as Governor in Bayelsa State from his base in Abuja and he also ensured that Madam too was made a "ghost" permanent secretary in Bayelsa.

Bamangar Tukur is also sitting in PDP office in Abuja and deciding who becomes what in Adamawa State, Anambra State, Sokoto State, etc.

Of a truth, there is no party that doesn't have strong men influencing decisions at one level or the other.

So what is he really talking about?

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