Friday, 1 November 2013

INSIDER REVELATIONS: How Stella Oduah Was Caught

First, since the day her spokesman, Joe Obi, confessed that the N225m vehicles were bought for the safety and security of Stella Oduah, she has stopped him from saying anything on her behalf. Now the latest revelation in the bullet-proof car saga is that it appears as if no cars were bought, after all, and the money was just shared with impunity by a privileged few.

But unfortunately for Stella Oduah and her accomplice(s), it has been discovered that the two cars sighted by a team of the House of Reps at the NCAA's office in Abuja on Tuesday, they are used vehicle and, it has also been discovered that "the chassis numbers" are different from what is in the official document...
According to some Senior Staff members of the Nigeria civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, there was no traces of any BMW bullet-proof cars in their office in Abuja until the scandal was exposed. The insiders have also disclosed that two vehicles were hurriedly brought to their office on Tuesday to make it appear like the cars were bought for the use of the NCAA and in the custody of the NCAA. All lies!

The fraud saga continues...

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