Friday, 10 April 2015

JIMI AGBAJE & His Promises

** You want to remove Lekki Toll Gate, Yet Airport Toll Gate own By FG Is milking Lagosians Dry.
** You promised 150,000 housing units, yet Jonathan could only build 30,000(at a cost of 2million = N3 Trillion Naira. Where u wan see the money @N467 billion Lagos yearly budget).
** You Promised to reduce tax, Yet Jonathan set up tax review which suggested increase in taxes(Moreover, Jaykay Pharmacy pay tax ni?)
** You want to abolish Lastma, Kai, Lamata etc, Yet Ferma, Sure-P, etc held sway in your party.
** You want to pay Lagos Worker Minimum wage, as "Governor to be" did you ask the workers if they are not already enjoying N18,760.00 In Lagos.
** You said you will stop the Public Private Partnership used to build the Ikoyi Link Road, where will you raise 29Billion to make repayment. Moreover, your PDP Federal Government signed PPP agreement to build 2nd Niger bridge for N129 Billion.

Jimi Agbaje, why are you promising what you know you cannot reverse to win cheap votes?
Jimi Agbaje, what do you really have for Lagosians?
Jimi Agbaje, Why are you pitting Igbos against Lagosians?
Lagos Shine your eyes... Eko o ni baje oooooo

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