Friday, 29 May 2015

BRF- An Exceptional Leader

When we talk of a leader who knows his job. A leader who can give you both the scientific and philosophical explanation of his approach to should know we are talking about Babatunde, Raji Omo-Fashola, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Outgoing Governor of Eko ILE.
I give it up to him...for all the and dedication to duty...
He was the shining star in the was because of his achievements that APC swept the South-West in 2011.
It was this man's presence in APC that gave many people hope in an APC led Federal Government.
I am still very very surprised that no one is trekking for this great servant...a man who gallantly led the Ebola battle from the front...a man who tamed the Oshodi Market Madness...we are talking of the
slayer of the popular Oluwole forgery clinic..the nightmare of the underworld guys....the terror of lazy govt. workers...and the inventor of the BRT lane.I dedicate the eve of this dispensation to BRF...
Permit me to scream
TiRi Gbosa for Babatunde owon.
Gbosa! Gbosa!! Gbosa!!!

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