Tuesday, 20 September 2016

As the children resume, there are mixed feelings. On one hand, we have some space; on the other hand, they are going to be exposed to their friends and classmates, get to eat & breathe in some uncensored stuff, some may come home in the course of the week with a cough, it’s important to be prepared for all that comes with BACK to SCHOOL! With the RUZU power pack, the children can have a good dose of RUZU Bitters (it does amazing work in deworming and detoxifying), get them to regularly bathe with the RUZU skin care and herbal soap and they’re ready to go! They’ll thrive nicely against allergic reactions of different forms. RUZU power pack is a MUST have in every home! Health in a Pack! Business in a Pack! Helping lives for real! Buzz me to order ASAP. Have a beautiful week! Enjoy your day! http://ift.tt/2auzkoX Whatsapp: 08086087599 #HelpingLives #wealthcreation #MLM #networkmarketing

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