Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Helping Lives Launches Power Pack “Helping Lives helps in 3 unique ways - Provides alternative and cheaper health to millions of people, provides wealth creation opportunities for hundreds of thousands and send thousands of children to school.” We do all of these by driving the sales of an amazing alternative health product. The plan I have for you is N50,000. This is not an investment, it’s a business, and can provide for you more than any investment can. If you follow the simple plan, you can make a million every year, or every month or faster all depending on your energy and your drive. Note: This is not the regular plan. This a special plan that the company just kicked off. It’s a plan that makes retail sales optional and gives a feel close to the feel of an investment. HOW It WORKS The N50,000 gives you access to 1 Power Pack 12 bottles of Ruzu,  4 Ruzu Balm, 4 Ruzu Skin Care 4 Ruzu Herbal Soap. A 4*3 power pack voucher to create positions for your 4 team members. **Please note that these products are only available in this quantity because the company is running a promotion. The Power Pack contents are subject to change. Beyond this you also get to be in my Telegram/WhatsApp training group and be coached and supported with my team. This offer is available only to the first 100 and until Sept ends.. If you interested in the Reward Plan, kindly reply me with "The Reward Plan" Moses Akinfe WhatsApp/Telegram: 08086087599 (You can reach me on this) NB: This is something we can do together! #HelpingLives #wealthcreation #extraincome #moneymaking

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