Tuesday, 4 October 2016

May My life and Yours live up to these 1. Don't pick on people , jump in their failures Orr criticize their faults. Don't act holier than thou, simply stick to living your part. 2. Unsolicited feedback is not valued and boomerangs. 3. Be direct with God, he cares about us and conceived us in love. He will do better than our earthly fathers. He gives good things to those who ask Him. 4. This is the summary of the law and prophets. Proactively do for others what you will like or want them to do for you. Criticism, feedback and prayer. 5. Don't fall for short cuts to God, the real process is not part time, it requires total attention. 6. Associate with pastors for who they are by character, not charisma. Also be a person of character, pay attention to your inner life. Who we are is the main thing, not what we say. 7. Never exploit people's emotions or pocket books. 8. What Jesus wants is not the proclamation of his lordship but the surrender to his will and serious obedience. 9. Preaching the message, bashing demons and doing laudable God-sponsored projects is not what God calls His will. Those things make the doers look important, what God wants is obedience to His will. 10. Does Jesus know you? Is there any result or fruit born from the union with him? Are we doing his will discipling nations? 11. God's words are for making adjustments and doing. It is what we inculcate into our act that stands the test of time. Wisdom is transcending bible study, folly is sticking with Bible study only. 12. When Jesus taught it was apparent with the hearers that he was living what he taught. Am I? 13. Jesus' teaching was the best they ever heard, life and words align. May we learn to teach as Christ lives it out through us. These are lessons from Matthew 7 and 28. Would you like to join us in a 40 days Bible Challenge? Simply add me on WhatsApp: 08086087599 and request to be added with your full names. We are in pre-session. #BibleStudy #Discipleship #OnlineBibleStudy

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