Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Credit to @venapeace : Today, I got a call from someone who saw my number online and wanted to place an order for 6 bottles of ruzu bitters . I stopped by her place on my way home to deliver the product only for her to tell me several testimonies she had witnessed from other users in her state. I was surprised cos she had a very long list of testimonies . She then mentioned to me that she heard Ruzu now has herbal soap, balm and disinfectant and would like to purchase it. When I questioned her on the motive for her desire to purchase the new products, she said her colleague's mum used the bitters along with the balm for her arthritis pain and 2 weeks down the line, her mum who couldn't stand for 30 minute straight now works up and down. I explained to her that the new product is only available in the power pack. She asked for the content of the power pack and I informed her of the running promo- 15 ruzu, 5balm, 5 herbal soap and 5 disinfectant and Like joke, she gave me 50k for the power pack cos she plans to send the products to her mum as part of her birthday gift. Do you have a loved one who is in pain be it arthritis, Rheumatism, Dysmenorrhoea or any other form of pain, please do them some good by plugging into the power pack. Everyone deserves a good state of health free from pain. Ruzu bitters thoroughly detoxifies and deals with every from of oxidative stress. A gift of Ruzu power pack is a gift that is always appreciated cos it works. Whatsapp +2348086087599 to place your order

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