Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The Dog that will get lost! “The Dog that will get lost will not listen to the hunters whistle” - Yoruba Proverb. Sometimes you wonder if the memories are short, or perhaps the government is slow. Or how do you explain what makes people do the same things over again and fall into the same errors? Ibadan, just 8yrs ago, the wonder banks took over the town, and the promise of returns started from 10% monthly, then came those who promised 20% monthly, then 300% monthly and before we knew what was going on, the bull entered the china shop, and the wonder banks jammed the miracle banks and trouble broke lose. Somewhere in that mayhem, a few billions of informed corporate people who took a bite of the forbidden fruit of greed were lost. People swore, never again! Jos! That was 3 years ago, it started with a company offering 10% per month, they coasted well for about 8 years, until their business model became attractive to others, and in came those offering more for less. 20%, 30% and yes you guessed it, Billions of Naira were up in smoke as people lost their lives savings and some their lives. Jos people were plundered badly, people were angry, but were they really repentant? Nigeria, right now is witnessing a boom of scams! Some of these scams are so bad that some not so bad scams look like legitimate businesses beside them. People always assume they can ride the greed and get off before it hurts, but greed is such a dangerous animal - easy to climb, difficult to alight, devastating at it’s end. True to type, the copycat schemes are also being born that resemble the pioneers. If you are a good student of history, you should have observed already what shuts down these scams. No amount of SEC or CBN warning will cure these ills. What will cure it is on the horizon already. It’s a slow painful process, many will lose hard earned cash, many will lose confidence in themselves, a few will become long term enemies and some will lose their lives. It’s tough to warn them though, the dog that will be lost, will not listen to the whistle of the hunter. #NetworkMarketing #PonziScheme #PyramidScheme #HelpingLives

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