Saturday, 12 November 2016

There is an epidemic in the land: Churches are increasing but corruption is unstemmed. Many more are coming forward for altar calls but true Christ lordship is scarce. Christians are no longer disciples and born again means less than it meant 30 years ago. Jesus saw this coming, when he said he could see many disappointed on Judgement day. These ones would call him lord, but would not have done the will of the father. You don't have to be in these numbers, you can start believing and living right. This Sunday 13th November, I have a friend (Tope Ogunfayo) of 18 years share with us from his 14 years international career, "How to use your career as a platform to reach the world". Time: 10am (you can come at 9am if you love Bible Study), Sunday, 13 November, 2016. Venue: Heaven's Citizens Christian CENTRE, 7 Olufunmilola Okikiolu Street, Off Toyin, Ikeja, Lagos. You can connect online at Pls confirm you are coming so we can plan with you in mind. You can also come with your children. Adeolu Akinyemi #career #HelpingLives #SonofGod

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