Friday, 25 November 2016

These are key life lessons from " Mentorship with Adeolu Akinyemi Key Lessons: 1. Get involved in things that will help you learn as you do them - volunteer; get involved in things that will build your skill rather than you just going for money. 2. You will succeed or you will learn - there is no failure! 3. Every time i refuse to choose, ive chosen! And what i have chosen is the less empowering option of doing nothing! 4. When you steal or get involved in things where you don't work to create money, skill is not developed. 5. MARKETING is about creating value through producing a service or product that meets a need. People pay more where you create emotional value. Services that deliver a more emotional value can charge a higher price. 6. Effective marketing happens when you deliver a high emotional value on the basis of product performance 7. Lack of financial management is the major reason SMEs fail all over the world. 8. For biz sustainability, ask - What problem i'm i trying to solve? And over time are you checking if that problem is still the same or has evolved? 9. SALES is getting somebody to say 'yes' to your idea using data, logic and intuition. Your business proposal must solve a need, it is not just about your idea. 10. People pay for benefit, not features. In other words, features tell, benefits sell! 11. Knowledge is not skill. The world does not pay you for what you know, they pay for what you have done. Before you start a biz, always analyze piece by piece of each of the elements of the biz to know why things happen the way they do. 12. If you lose your job and you don't have anything to sell, you have NO VALUE! 13. Leadership is not a reward, it is a responsibility to fix problems. 14. Learn to separate friendship and family from business. 15. It is easier to sell on the basis of price for the short term, but a strong brand will sell for the long term. #MentorshipWithAdeoluAkinyemi #MWAAA #NetworkMarketing #BusinessOpportunity #Businessofthe21stCentury #helpinglives #A2WHelpingLives #mlmsuccess

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