Thursday, 15 December 2016

Don’t Mock MMM Participants There is no real value in mocking anyone. The practical thing to do is see how to help. Some of the suggestions may not sit well, but the truth is like bitter leaf, bitter in the mouth but sweet to the body. Mocking MMM and it’s participants seems one easy way to get cheap popularity today. The internet is awash with news about MMM and it’s crash. Don’t be deceived. By mocking and writing, all you are merely doing is marketing. MMM has not crashed yet. I think people grossly underestimate Sergie Mavrodi. You can accuse him of many things, but not of being dumb. If you understand a little about the game of chess, you’ll know that this move is a very good move. The freeze is simply an opportunity for the public to pick a pawn and expose their rook, or if the public gets careless, the queen. When a player voluntarily releases their piece, it’s because there is something bigger in front (What I’m saying in plain English is, Sergie Mavrodi has not lost control of play, he’s still in charge of the game). Barring any unforeseen other circumstances (a possibility actually), MMM is not gone anywhere yet. It’s merely gathering momentum and building for the next phase. By the time it comes out from it’s freeze, membership would explode, and confidence will soar. Many who are currently on the fence but also can’t deny their greed for long will be rallied in. It’s not easy to ignore the lure of greed for long, particularly when your friends are earning big. Here are my little suggestions for those who are in it and those on the outside. 1. Don’t panic, keep calm. Worrying doesn’t make anything happen. 2. Evaluate your current reality and ask yourself practical questions, reduce your position appropriately 3. Focus on what you are doing that creates value, money is really a store of value, if you don’t connect money to value quickly it will pass away. 4. All the “safe” modes are to give the scheme longevity, not to make it last forever. 5. There is a mathematical model that can predict the time when the system will have sever liquidity issues, I haven’t had the time to publish it. It’s alright to misinterpret my gesture to help, but I...

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