Saturday, 10 December 2016

This is Amazing. PART 1 Everyday I hear different shapes and sizes of thank you, for acts of kindness, and some as testimonies for the product (Ruzu Herbal Bitters) we sell and how it impacted them. In the last 1 year, I have heard different testimonies. Amazing testimonies! On my phone, I have different ones, online on youtube there are a truckload of them. The testimony I heard today is exciting… and it may be of value to someone out there! AFTER 15 years of trusting God for a CHILD… Doing all sorts, and spending all sorts of amounts… The Miracle happened after taking 2 Bottles of Ruzu! Not just one baby - TWIN BOYS! Just last week! What a way to crown the year! God truly crowns the year with goodness! This is not the first of Ruzu Babies… this year alone we have celebrated and welcomed to the world nothing less than 100 Ruzu Babies (conservative) in Nigeria and abroad! These are the ones who shared and didn’t keep it a secret! This is amidst other testimonies. What happened with this mother of twins was an amazing coincidence. She happened to be driving a car from a women’s convention when our Ruzu Distributor Uduak Essien got a call on her phone of someone sharing a testimony about having taken in from using Ruzu. She was so excited on the phone, and went on and on. After she got to where she would alight, the woman who was driving Mrs. Tee who happened to also be a nurse, stopped her in her tracks and asked her if this product could really work for her. Mrs. Uduak asked what the problem was, and she confided that she’s been expecting for 15 years. She’s a nurse, and her husband is a Medical Doctor, and they have tried all sorts. She said she has paid and is willing to pay anything for the opportunity of carrying her own children. She said the way things are going, she doesn’t even know how long she would last in her husband’s house. The distributor encouraged her to try Ruzu, that it works, and the testimonies are too many not to have confidence to recommend it. She decided to give Ruzu a try. She took a bottle, and then a second bottle before they lost contact briefly with each other. Continue to Part 2

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