Friday, 13 January 2017

Dear Loved One, On Saturday the 14th of January 2017, I have been able to lock down 2 seats for 2 friends at the SETTING YOUR 2017 FINANCIAL GOALS EVENT,  being anchored by a Vetaran Serial Entrepreneur, Trainer, Nation Builder and Pastor - Adeolu Akinyemi. I have listened closely to Adeolu Akinyemi and I can tell you that he walks his talk. Learning from people like these quite impactful as the teachings are practical. Come and learn and take a guided tour on living financially free. Doing the right thing slowly is more valuable than doing the wrong thing fast. It’s better to wait to get clarity, than run ahead of yourself and discover you are on the wrong path. If you will like to be enrolled for this kindly fill this form and revert to me. Kind Regards Yours in 2017 Moses Akinfe

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