Monday, 3 April 2017

You may have heard… You may have heard that sometime around 11pm yesterday night, a fire erupted in one of the offices in our complex and gained grounds swiftly into the warehouse. You may also have heard that hundreds of millions worth of products were consumed in the raging inferno! You may also have heard that fire safety came to our rescue and helped to contain the fire in our premises, burning 3 offices, the warehouse - including Ovens, Pressure Cookers, Blenders, ionizer cups, water ionizers, TVs, 6 Gas burners, Fridges, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Ruzu Bitters - OLD and NEW, Ruzu Soap, Skincare, Balm and all sorts of products. Well, if you heard or didn’t hear, it’s true! They may have thought… They may have thought that this is surely the end of us.. They may have thought that it would be tough to rise out of the ashes of such a great loss. They may have also thought that we would be sad and totally out of order. Well, if they thought that, they are WRONG! We will be stronger for this. The DATE for Ruzu Nation Pre-launch has not CHANGED It’s April 9, The Ruzu Nation - Prelaunch. Entry Tickets are now more valuable. STRICTLY by INVITATION. Get your Guests invited, invite yourself. Ruzu is now officially GOLD! We are out of STOCK. Hon Moses Akinfe. Representatives of The Ruzu Nation #RuzuHerbalBitters #ruzubitters #HelpingLives #A2WHelpingLives

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