Wednesday, 19 July 2017

In few weeks, I will be turning 40! I would normally just go low key and celebrate with just a few friends and family. But over the years, people often ask me for my story, for my journey so far, they ask how I constantly push on with business, family and ministry. Especially with the numerous challenges and difficulties that life brings at every point. I am dedicating Friday, August 4th, 2017 as I turn 40 years old to pour out and share alongside my friends on consistently bouncing back and making lemonades when life throws lemons at you. BOUNCE BACK ABILITY will help you put failures, obstacles, hurts, pains, success, purpose, desire, etc in the right perspective! With have space for 300 people, so seats are limited. It is first come, first serve. Register here: Thank you. Adeolu Akinyemi #DeoluAkinyemi@40 If you are interested, buzz me privately for the link, so you can register.

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